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Telebehavioral Health

Virtual Care, Anywhere

Your patient has access to telephone behavioral health service or Telebehavioral Health. With this program your patient can schedule a visit with a board certified licensed therapist by secure video, phone or through an app. *

Why Telebehavioral Health?

With Telebehavioral Health – your patient can schedule and conduct an appointment through secure video, phone or through the telehealth app.

Patients Can Search for a Telebehavioral Health Provider

You can give the following link to patients accessing the MHSA network so they can search for and engage with a Telebehavioral Health provider: 

Find a Telebehavioral Health Provider


  1. On the provider search page, enter your benefit plan and location details.
  2. On the next page, click on More Filters, under "Specialties" choose Telebehavioral Health, and then click Search.
  3. Look for the Telebehavioral Health icon telebehavioral health icon on the provider profile.


*If the member’s Blue Shield of California’s Evidence of Coverage or Certificate of Insurance states that mental health services are available through the Mental Health Service Administrator (MHSA), the member can search for providers in the MHSA network.

Some Blue Shield of California members may only have access to Blue Shield’s direct network. If you are not sure which network provides behavioral health services for your patient, direct the patient to visit Blue Shield’s Find a Doctor website and log in, and choose “Mental Health Providers” to find a behavioral health provider. Members who are not sure which network they should access for in-network care can call the Mental Health Customer Services phone number on the back of their member ID card.